The Southmoore Instrumental Arts Program includes a vibrant and active colorguard program.  Our program employs all aspects of modern colorguard including dance, weapons, and flag work.  

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During the fall semester the colorguard plays a vital role in the Southmoore Marching Band.  Guard students are members of the Marching Band and attend all rehearsals and performances of the band.  Guard members also attend regularly scheduled guard sectionals throughout the marching season.  Enrollment in first hour band for the entire school year will be required of all color guard members. Admittance to the fall colorguard is by audition which takes place each spring.

The Guard program also includes a competitive Winterguard during the late fall and spring semesters.  Participation in Winterguard provides students with an additional means of skill development as well as offers them further public performance opportunities.  Our winterguard is a member of the Winterguard and Percussion of Oklahoma Circuit and competes in many events throughout January, February, and March.  Membership in Winterguard is open to all SHS students, including 8th grade students attending Southmoore High School the next year.  Participation in winterguard is highly recommended for students wishing to improve their skills and by students hoping to complete a successful audition into the fall Colorguard.


Any student attending Southmoore High School is eligible to become a member of the Colorguard.  We encourage any student who has ever considered guard, enjoys dance, or simply wants to be part of a first-class hard working organization, to strongly consider becoming a part of the Southmoore Colorguard.  Though prior enrollment in band is not necessarily a requirement for membership; students with band experience will be expected to maintain their skills on their instrument in order to contribute musically during concert season.  

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