First Day of School


Southmoore High School Band First Day of School 2019-20

Welcome to a new year of the Southmoore Band. This year, hard copies will be used less in favor of more electronic media. Please check out the forms we need signed and returned.

Quick review of our class schedule:

0 Hour Varsity Guard (Second Semester Only): This is a work in progress. Details will be released closer to the Spring Semester.

1st Hour Band: Made up of all 9-12 students first semester and 10-12 grade students second semester. All 9th grade students will move to second hour for the spring semester except those qualifying for the Wind Ensemble through audition.

2nd Hour Freshmen Band (Second Semester Only): This class will include all freshmen students (except those qualifying for Wind Ensemble) and will begin at the first day of the second semester. 

Jazz Bands: Meets 3rd, 5th and 6th hour to play that sweet sweet jazz.

The Paperwork

Southmoore Band Handbook The purpose of the handbook is to provide a succinct explanation of the Southmoore Instrumental Arts Program focusing on its purpose, curriculum, expectations, and assessment of students. It is our benchmark document on how the band operates.

First Hour Band Syllabus The syllabus will address grading and requirements specific to the fall 2019 band class.

Band Fees Information Sheet This document describes the fees associated with participation in the band program. All band students pay fees to offset the operational costs of our active band program. DO NOT RUN AWAY BECAUSE OF FEES – TALK TO MR. MEWHORTER FIRST!

New Member Band Handbook This is perhaps a much too detailed document giving information on all aspects of the band program.

The Required Forms to turn in by August 19:

Medical Release Form Please note you only have to fill out the first form, even though you will be prompted to fill out remaining forms! We have switched this year to the athletic paperwork since much of it pertains to our activity and it allows us easier and more efficient access to these forms in the case of an emergency.

“Zero” Hour Expectations (only students enrolled in zero hour) This form details the expectations of students forced to enroll in a zero hour class.

Quick Reminders

Car Wash Funds are due on Friday, August 16. Students will sign up for Car Wash locations on the First Day of School.

London Payment #5 is due on Thursday. Click the link for a few specifics.

7AM Rehearsals begin on Friday, August 16 and will continue through Friday, November 1.

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